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As a tasty traveler, I have seen a hundred of places and stayed in various hotels. This isn’t the first time I have been in Greece, but this is the first time I have experienced such a world.  Mileo is an island in Greece and this is the most historical island I have ever seen in Greece. Literally, it is the history itself and you feel buildings are speaking and telling the history that they witnessed. And paths, ways, sea… Museums, churches and windmills are also keystones and living creatures left from this history.

Normally, I don’t visit super modern hotels because super modern structures make me feel in a artificial World even though I like comfort as well. Super shiny floors, colourful lights and high technological furniture and devices. Yes, they are preferable for many people however not or a person who likes natural and real like world and feelings with the comfort at the same time, like me.

When I see Mileo Luxury Hotel, I thought I could be lost in it. I could be swallowed by this World. You cannot decide if it is a super luxury or traditional hotel. The reason to feel that is difficult to explain but I will do my best. Firstly, it is something you need to experience and feel. Yes, literally the hotel is so comfortable and has a luxury appearance with its amazing rooms, restaurants, bars, spa facilities.

But there is something you will notice, it isn’t exaggerated. I mean you don’t feel an exaggeration in all these super modern features. I need to congratulate the architect and her crew for this wonderful synthesis. They absorbed contemporary feature in traditional ones. Fantastic and very clever… Stairs, floors and furniture of the hotel are very well designed and placed. Apart from this, rooms are like from a palace but rewarding peace and simplicity. This combination is the first thing that affected me at Mileo Luxury Hotel.


The other thing is that pools are like seas. In other words, you will feel you are swimming in a sea while you are in your pool because the hotel designed the borderlines of the pool close to sea. Especially some luxury rooms have a fantastic view with an endless sea and they can experience swimming in this endless blue world.


Shortly, Mileo Luxury Hotel offers you a fantastic real like world which was the first experience such a place like that. Not only you, but also your family and friends will feel this amazing atmosphere there. I highly recommend this hotel if you want to combine peace, relaxing, nature, comfort and enjoy.


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