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Unemployment and inflation are the most important economic problems for almost each country. There is both economic and politic configuration started in all around the world. The limitation of capital movements is the one of the most important reason. Economists think that free trade is going to bring the prosperity. Free capital movements in last 15 years created this belief. Some economists think that limiting capital inflows to developing countries need to be considered.

Capital inflows support the elimination of country’s economic deficit. In capital markets, financial existing’s trades happen. Fort his reason, investors need to calculate the future gains’ current status. This empowers the speculative movements’s effects. Hence, this speculative movements increase thesize of fluctiation.

I f an investor makes a mistake in his/hers desicion, then it effects all markets, whole economy and even the whole region. Fort he above reasons investors and whole world need to decide correctly and move smarter.

Countries give priority to the objectives of increasing the existing employment. The role of production and employment is of great importance for the country to reach a high income level. In order for the country to reach a high income level, the unemployment rate must be at a minimum level.

Inflationary environment means an increase in the general price level. Unemployment is considered the opposite of employment. Unemployment rate is important for economy. The unemployment rate is also accepted as a critical indicator of the labor market. However, the constant increase in the prices of some products is not related to the definition of inflation.

Inflation means;

  • reflection of price increases to the general price of goods and services
  • constant price increase
  • price increases that will have an impact on the economy

The inflation rate is measured by the price index. Unemployment and inflation is a problem that countries have had since ancient times. The Phillips Curve was created by Alban Williams Phillips in order to understand the unemployment-inflation relationship correctly. Phillips Curve also shows that there is a negative relationship between unemployment-inflation variables.


G8 Summits are an event where industrialized, rich and powerful countries come together once a year to discuss national and international economic problems. Macroeconomic management, international trade and relations with developing countries are some of the topics discussed at the G8 summit. The G8 also directly affects financial and commercial institutions.

Decisions made by G8 leaders affects the policies of international organizations such as;

  • World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund
  • OECD
  • World Trade Organization
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The most important reason why the decisions taken by the G8 leaders can affect the decisions of many international organizations is due to their economic power.

The world economy is entering a new era. In the first stages, there was a period of low growth and deflation, and in the last stages, a period of weak growth and zero inflation and finally, there was a period of accelerated growth and low inflation. The reason for the rapid growth of the global economy is global industrial production. Global industry data reached the highest values in the last 8 years today. There are some subtopics that continue this upward trend such as;

  • production in industry,
  • new orders,
  • export orders received and employment indicators

Industrial production is very strong in developed countries. Along with the effects we have mentioned, it has been observed that there is a significant squeeze in the euro-dollar parity. With this information, global stagflation is expected in the future, with the combination of the slowdown in the economy and high inflation.

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